Creative Arts

Who is involved?

Our creative arts team is made up of a variety of people who have several things in common. We are committed followers of Jesus Christ. We desire to serve God with excellence using audio and video equipment.

Where can I get involved?

Computer Technician. This person is mainly responsible for projecting words on the screens during worship. We are looking for those who understand the flow of worship. You do not need to be proficient on computers for this ministry. Training will be provided.

Camera Operator. We record our Sunday morning service for Livestream broadcast and for video media on this website. We have HD cameras that need operators! Training will be provided.

Website Contributor. Learn how to upload weekly sermons and content to! Training will be provided.

Graphic Artist. Have a special talent for computer generated graphics? Put it to work for God! You could help design sermon title slides as well as website content.

Video Director. If you have experience in media, can lead a team of camera operators, and have and eye for quality video production, this may be a ministry for you. Training will be provided.

How can I get involved?

Please contact the church at, or call us at (573) 471-4649.